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The A.I dedicated to the game in our context will allow you to play without worrying about the 'how' or the 'why'! The A.I will thwart the traps of the casino for you with ease and 'discernment'!

Artificial Intelligence

Aims to program machines so that they can perform tasks normally reserved for humans, such as thinking, learning, calculating or understanding certain things

The Mission of Artificial Intelligence

In the context of the game, it will take decisions for you much faster than you in order to significantly increase the results of the game


Several types of A.I exist and we have chosen here the most successful in games

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Performance and stable gain.


We will answer you as soon as possible in less than 24 hours


The A.I is connected to a dedicated server for regular and free updates.


Attached graph of performance over a few hours

Rent of A.I.

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Pack small For 15 days of play

5 € paypal fees on this rent

  • 15 DAYS ONLY. 5 € A DAY
  • Assistance included
  • Optimized performance
80€ / for 15 days
I rent
Start of rental of the first activation

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